1. What is BRK Cryptocurrency?

    Breakout Coin (BRK) is digital money ( cryptocurrency) that has many advantages over traditional “fiat” currencies such as USD or Euros. It’s easy to transfer or cash out directly into your bank account. Since BRK is traded on the open market and total supply is limited, the more people that use Breakout Coin (BRK) the higher its value.

    Breakout Coin is open source which means anyone can see how it works. You can transfer Breakout Coin across borders anonymously in seconds with no costly transfer or currency conversion fees.

    The Breakout Chain payment system is completely transparent, allowing anyone in the world to fully audit any transaction that has ever been processed. Breakout Chain employs cutting-edge technological safeguards to ensure that every transaction is balanced so that no individual can spend money that isn’t theirs or spend any money twice.

    Breakout Coin is also a great way to dive in and learn about Cryptocurrency!

  2. Where can I use BRK?

    You can use Breakout Coin (BRK) to play at any of our Breakout gaming sites to win more BRK or trade it for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at Bittrex.com.

    Bittrex operates like a stock exchange but for Cryptocurrencies. Breakout Coin’s ticker is (BRK).

    You can select from thousands of video game titles at Breakoutgamestore.com and complete your purchase by selecting the pay with BRK option at checkout.

  3. How do I transfer and store BRK?

    Breakout Coin can be securely stored or transferred using the BRK wallet app. You can also store your BRK on an exchange or one of the Breakout platforms.

    Please note you may have to tell your antivirus software to exclude it. Additionally some users may have to add an exclusion to their fire wall. Most systems will prompt you for this during installation.