Chain stats

General specifications

Block Times: 5 Minutes
Security: Proof of Work + Proof of Stake v2
Currencies: Breakout Coin, Breakout Stake, Sister Coin, Atomic, The Deck
Coinbase Maturity: 240 Blocks (20 hr)

Breakout Coin

Ticker: BRK

Supply: 19.5 M Upon Genesis of the Chain
Inflation: 5% per year (compounded per block)
Starting Block Reward: 10 BRK
Min Transaction Fee: 0.01 BRK
Retargeting: Breakout Gravity Wave

Breakout Stake

Ticker: BRX

Supply: 12.5 M Fixed Supply
Inflation: None
Min Transaction Fee: 0.01 BRX
Stakes: Breakout Coin
Stake Minimum Confirmations: 3456 (12.3 Days)

Sister Coin

Ticker: SIS

Max Supply: 21 M
Starting PoW Reward: 50 SIS
Inflation: Halving Every 420,000 Blocks (4 Years)
Min Transaction Fee: 0.01 SIS


Ticker: BAM

Supply: 10 Billion BAM
Inflation: None
Min Transaction Fee: 1 BAM


Tickers: D (for deck), value, suit.

Ticker examples: DAS = Ace of Spades, D2H = Two of Hearts
Supply: 53 (Standard 52 Card Deck + Joker)
Inflation: None
Min Transaction Fee: 0.01 SIS
Stakes: Sister Coin
Stake Minimum Confirmations: 13,824 (49.2 Days)

Breakout Coin


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